Desert Bar Mitzvah

Last year I had the honour or putting together a beautiful Bar Mitzvah on the edge of the Rimon Crater. There were so many different elements to this event. The Bar Mitzvah service was held overlooking the Crater as the sun set. After the service the guests were transferred to the middle of the desert where they were created by drummers and fire eaters and guided into a oasis. Following the receptions the guests were ushered into the Bedoin tent filled with beautiful design. The guests danced, ate and really had a magical time. Vendors: Travel & Touring: Daat Travel Design: Olla Designs

Tip Wednesday

So in our continued series of "Tip Wednesday", I wanted to provide a couple of tips when you start looking at venue shopping. 1. Have an idea of how many guests you want to invite. If you are having a small event some venue's might not be the right fit as they are built for large events. 2. In Israel venue's have a minimum amount of guests you need to commit to the hall for so if your numbers are low don't look at venue's that you need to commit to more people then you think will come even if you love the venue. 3. Figure out your budget if you know that the venue is on the higher priced spectrum and you have a lower budget don't go check it and set yourself up for heartbreak. 4. Pick a wedd

English Garden Wedding in Israel

Planning a wedding where you have to bring in the toilets is always going to turn out to be a special wedding. Setup was over 48 hours for this amazing English garden wedding in the back yard of a house in a small moshav in the center of Israel. Friday weddings in Israel are magical and this couple and all our vendors gave so much love and effort for this beautiful event. You can check out the new gallery on the gallery page, As well as you can see more great shots on smashing the glass

Tip Wednesday

So the last in our tips regarding invitation, envelopes etc is all about Thank You Cards. Just because we have moved forward with technology people still liked being thanked for their gift. Even if it is an email your gift givers should be thanked. 1. Don't forget to write the correct name and spelling of the person/s who gave you the gift. If you are mailing the thank you card make sure you have the correct address. 2. Express thanks, start your card with the two most important words: THANK YOU 3. Add a specific detail - hopefully when the person gave you the gift you made a note next to their name in your master list so you know specifically what they gave you so you can specifically menti

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